Apartment Management System


Apartment Management System is ideal way to manage complete housing society or neighborhood maintenance tasks. It has different user roles like Admin, Resident members, Gatekeeper and Accountant Users.


  • Complete apartment management solution
  • Admin, Resident members, Gatekeeper and Accountant Users
  • Manage residential units, owner and tenant data
  • Multiple blocks and units with document management system
  • Manage monthly maintenance for all units
  • Generate certificates and manage grades
  • Manage Events, General facilities and Bookings
  • Gatekeeper can log visitor details

Dashboard :

  • Complete apartment management solutions
  • Dashboard with key statics Info-Graphics
  • Calendar, Events and Notices all in one screen

List of Modules

Member Management

  • Link members to residential units
  • System allow owner and tenant to units
  • Manage owner and tenant family members

Member view

  • Helps admin get overview of members
  • Member family list
  • All other details of member

Management Committee

  • From society management team
  • Committee members with designation
  • For accountability and responsibility of members

Visitor Management

  • Manage visitor details
  • Record visitor key details like name and mobile
  • Manage time in – out for all visitor

Parking Manager

  • Add define parking slots
  • Assign parking slot to member
  • Manage visitor parking

Complain Management

  • Member can raise complain from system
  • Manage complain details
  • Manage complain status

Facilities Management

  • Member can book facility
  • Booking time and date
  • Manage apartment

Service Contract Management

  • Add-Manage services
  • Add service supplier details
  • Contract duration

Document Management

  • Manage document for each residential unit
  • Document history for each unit
  • Upload doc, pdf and zip files

Asset Management

  • Manage society assets
  • Manage asset category
  • Manage inventory

Accountant List

  • Manage invoices in the system
  • Log income data
  • Log expenses of society

Event – Notice

  • Manage important announcements – notices
  • Manage events, activities and festivals
  • Collect payments for events and keep log of it

FAQ List

  • Add – Manage FAQ
  • Members can see FAQ from member data
  • Helps in answering most common queries from members

Society Rules List

  • Add – Manage society rules
  • Members can see rules from member area
  • Collect fine if rules are broken

Residential Unit

  • Add/Edit Building blocks
  • Add residential units to block
  • Link legal document and member details with residential units

Message Module

  • Send message to all users in the system
  • Send message to only intended user group
  • Message compose, inbox and sent features