Customer Relationship Management


Customer Relationship Management System is ideal way to increase conversion between admin and customer.

Front End Features:

  • Manage inquiries using bespoke CRM.
  • Manage Lead form contact form 7
  • Increase conversion rate.
  • Manage all customer details in single system.
  • Manage sales funnel with maximum control.
  • Mailchimp newsletter integrated

Dashboard :

  • Quick view of important CRM modules
  • Access to reports
  • Plan your day using dashboard
  • My Leads , My Opportunity Task and Notes all in one screen

General Settings :

  • Manage Company details
  • Activate Woocommerce inquiry form
  • Select contactform7 powered form for leads

List of Module:

Leads Module

  • Lead synchronization with woocommerce and contactform7
  • Create lead directly from WPCRM
  • Lead listing
  • Assign user to leads plus lead notes and tasks

Opportunity Module

  • Convert leads to opportunity
  • Add opportunity directly
  • Manage opportunity with notes and tasks

Accounts Module

  • Convert lead- opportunity to Client-Accounts
  • Manage Accounts with notes and tasks
  • Manage multiple contacts for same account

Contact Module

  • Create Contact view Design
  • Organized view to save time
  • Manage contact with task and notes

Task Module

  • Create and assign task
  • Task management
  • Add task directly or associate with module item

Case Module

  • Case-Complain management with notes
  • Add case for any product issue
  • Assign case to team for resolution

Product Module

  • Add commodity or service as product
  • Manage products with notes
  • Product validy and stock data

Quote Module

  • Manage quote listing
  • Add custom quote for specific client
  • Resuse historical quote

Sales Module

  • Generate sales order directly or from quote
  • Manage sales order with notes
  • Generate invoice for sales order

Invoice Module

  • Manage invoice with notes
  • Print invoice in PDF
  • Print invoice on screen

Tax Module

  • Tax list management
  • Add tax with % amount
  • Select tax value directly from quote, sales and invoice

Newsletter Module

  • Mailchimp integration
  • Impornt leads and contact directl in mailchimp
  • Easy to configure

Form Mapping

  • Map fields of contact-woocomerce form to crm
  • Set it to receive data in crm directly

User Module

  • Admin and salesman roles
  • User management