Gym Management System

Gym Management System for wordpress plugin is ideal way to manage complete Gym operation. It has different user roles like Staff Member, Member, accountant and admin user.


  • Complete gym management solution
  • Trainer,member,accountant and admin users
  • Member dailyworkout log and schedule
  • Member nutrition plan
  • Member membership plan

Front End Member Registration :

  • Now all user can login from this login page.
  • Membership login and Registration .

List of Module


  • Quick view of important Gym Modules
  • Different report for management
  • Calendar with important event and notices

General Settings

  • Admin can manage system Settings
  • Set measurement units and header & fotter text as well
  • Assign paypal id for payment and set alert message

Gym Member Module

  • Record complete details of Gym subscriber
  • Add vital measurement for each member
  • Keep track of member’s physical stastics

trainer module

  • Add different gym staff form admin

Workout module member

  • Member can view the assigned workout

activity module

  • Manage activities available in gym
  • Assign activity to each membership plan

Nutrition module

  • Prepare and assing nutrition plan for member

Attendance module

  • Manage staff attendance

group Module

  • Create and manage member groups

Notice Module

  • Make important Announcement throught notice module

Message Module

  • Admin can send message to all members

Account module

  • Manage income and expenses
  • Manage member fees
  • Payment reports

Report Module

  • Generete Report by membersship plans
  • Generete payment income report

Class Module

  • Class Management
  • Member list by class

Facility management Module

  • Record all the facilities available in gym

Newsletter module

  • Mailchimp integration

Payment Module

  • Manage all the payment receipts
  • Record all expenses

store Module

  • Manage products in system
  • Sell product to member and keep sales record

Online membership payment Module

  • Accept membership fees with paypal

Invoice Module

  • Manage invoice from admin

Expense module

  • Manage all expense

Workout Module-admin

  • Trainer can create workout schedule for members

membership module

  • Admin can define different membership plans
  • Membership price management

Gym Management System Apps

Gym Master android application provide handy tool to keep track of your exercise. This is the application for our gym master php project as added solution to it.

Attendance view

  • Track Your progress via the calender

Class list

  • With personalized class list to help organize your time

​Dashboard view

  • check your daily workout report on dashboard

Group list

  • Display Groups with member