Hospital Management System

Hospital management system is ideal way to complete hospital operation. The system has different access rights for Admin, Doctor, Nurse, Support Staff and Other Users.


  • Manage hospital online form anywhere
  • More then 20 modules
  • Attractive dashboards for Doctor, Patient, Nurse and other User.
  • Hospital billing and revenue management
  • Business intelligence and analytics.

Front End Patient Registration :

  • Allow patient to registration from front end.
  • Simple shortcode to enable front end registration.
  • Attractive dashboards for Doctor, Patient, Nurse and other User.
  • Admin approval system for patient registration.

List of Module

General Settings

  • Admin has full rights in the system.
  • Admin create Doctor, Nurse, Patient and other users.
  • Attractive dashboards for Doctor, Patient, Nurse and other User.
  • Manage complete hospital operations.

Outpatient Module

  • Check the appointment
  • Check medical history with hospital
  • Check invoices and other details

Doctor Module

  • Doctor can manage patient data
  • Write prescription to patient
  • Dashboard with appointment calendar
  • Single screen to get patient treatment details

Support staff Module

  • Support staff can admit patient in hospital
  • Records all patient and guardian details
  • Can manage appointment module

Pharmacist Module

  • Pharmacist can manage medicine with stocks data
  • View patient prescription
  • Manage medicine categories

Lab Module

  • Log lab report for each patient
  • Upload reports and write findings
  • Manage blood bank

Accountant Module

  • Manage invoices in the system
  • Log income data
  • Log expenses of hospital

Inpatient Module

  • Manage hospitalized patients
  • Three steps registration form
  • Facilities to convert outpatient to inpatient

Appointment Module

  • Make appointment for patients
  • Assign doctor to patient
  • Show appointment in calendar view

Prescription Module

  • Complete list of prescription
  • Add prescription with treatment and medicine details
  • Search and sort records

Treatment Module

  • Complete list of treatment available
  • Add treatment with cost
  • Search and sort records

Bed-Room Management

  • Define Bed – Room categories
  • Add Bed – Room with charges
  • Assign bed to patient with admit and discharge dates

Operation Theatre Module

  • Complete list of operation made
  • Add schedule operation with charges
  • Search and sort records

Medicine Module

  • Complete list of medicine available
  • Add medicine with price and supplier details
  • Medicine stock details with categories
  • Search and sort records

Diagnosis Report Module

  • Complete list of diagnosis reports created
  • Add report for patient with costing
  • Search and sort records

Invoice – Expense Module

  • Generate single invoice for patient
  • Log payment instalment for each patient
  • Maintain expenses with details

Ambulance Module

  • Manage Ambulance with driver details
  • Request and log ambulance for patient
  • Search and sort and filter records

Notice – Event Module

  • Admin reserves right to manages notices
  • Create and send notice for intended group
  • Notice appears on dashboard calendar
  • Single day or multiple day Event notice

Message Module

  • Send message to all user in the system
  • Send message to only intended user group
  • Message compose, inbox and sent features


  • Generate report to get insight
  • Total bed occupancy report
  • Total operation report
  • Hospital performance report

Nurse Module

  • Nurse can manage patient data
  • Nurse can assign-allocate bed to patient
  • Monitor patient condition with notes – log
  • Nurse can manage blood bank and ambulance module