Laboratory Management System


These include faster processing of samples, dealing with the unpredictability of number of samples to be processed on a daily basis for planning resource and reagents, and most of all the need to grow and scale the business to multiple centers and cities, fast.

Laboratory Management System

  • Real-time analysis and sample tracking
  • Eliminate human error
  • Track samples in real time
  • Improve TAT ( Turn Around Time)
  • Manage complex workflow
  • Connect and automate multiple collection centers
  • Increase accuracy of reports
  • Ensure regulatory compliance
  • Offer quick and custom designed reports for your patients

Features of Laboratory Management System :

Increase Revenue and Reduce Cost

Cut costs dramatically with Attune’s logistics management system and save money on reagent and resource.

Improve TAT

Track samples in real time, process entire batches in one go and use auto authorization features so you can focus more time on critical reports.

Modules of Laboratory Management System :

Order Requests

Requests Module makes it easy for scientists to place order requests, and for lab managers to respond from one streamlined interface, making miscommunication a thing of the past.


Track quantities, locations, expiration alerts, technical details for all types of lab inventory including chemicals, cell-lines, plasmids, general supplies, and more.

You can add items and all related product details (including links to product pages) from these vendors to your inventory with just a few clicks.