Learning Management System



  • Complete Learning management solution
  • Teacher, learner and Admin users
  • Sine up for course as learner
  • Well formated Quiz, Lessons and Exercises
  • Take online exam
  • Generate certificates and manage grades
  • Create courses with video, audio, images and text
  • Take online exam

Dashboard :

  • Calender with course list
  • Infographics with statics
  • Latest message list

General Settings :

  • Manage key details for organization
  • Manage paypal detials
  • Individual course and lesson settings for more flexibility

List of Front End features

Front End Course Landing Page

  • Check preview video
  • Course content and lessons
  • Course author and tutor details

Front End Purchase Course Online

  • Check and pay for courses online
  • Paypal support

Front End Learner Profile

  • Learner details
  • Courses taken details

Front End Course Listing

  • Listing of course with all details
  • Online enroll option
  • Course can be taken privately

Front End Assignment Management

  • View assignments
  • Upload completed assignments
  • Option to upload file for assignments

List of Module


  • Manage courses from back-end
  • Add learner to course
  • Upload video, images, PDF and text for course content

Lesson Management

  • Add, Edit and view lessons
  • Assign lesson to course
  • Create Lesson with media file, PDF and text

Quiz Management

  • Create and manage quiz
  • Quiz can be assign to lesson pr course
  • Quiz can be reused and restructured by managing questions

Question bank

  • Add, Edit and view questions
  • Single and multiple choice questions
  • Define marks for each questions

Assignment List

  • Create and manage assignments
  • Define marks for each assignments
  • Assignment can be submitted online

Learner Management

  • Create and manage learners
  • User can sine up for course from frontend
  • Learner can be added from backend

Learner Profile

  • Complete learner profile
  • Keep track of learner progress
  • Infographics statics for each learner

Email templates

  • Event templates for important events
  • Shortcodes for personalize email message
  • Design email template to suit your need

Payment Module

  • Complete list of course fee paid
  • Generate invoice and accept offline payment
  • Part payment is possible

Manage Certificate & Grades

  • Create and manage certificates
  • Create and manage grades
  • Distribute certificate on course completion

Message Module

  • Send message to all user in the system
  • Send message to only intended user group
  • Message compose, inbox and sent features


  • Reports for management team
  • Reports for measuring performance
  • Payment reports