Push Notification Marketing

Be most effective with Mobile app Marketing

If you have smartphone, you are already aware that push notifications are “no missed events”. You can chose to ignore promotional emails or not pay enough attention, but same is not true for push notification. Promotional push notifications are better way to reach to customer then email and its available right in front screen of mobile, resulting in “more reach” for your marketing campaign.

push notifications

Push Notification with media reach content on Android:

Gone are the days for simple text as part of push notification content. Android devices not supports media reach push notifications, so you can send product image, sales banner and even link so that you can drive customers to mobile app landing page where you can expect more conversions.

push notifications

Connect to Customer in realtime and sell more:

Push notification are delivered to mobiles and its “Hard to miss events”. Customers can read it while they are on go. Time based campaigns will be more effective with push notifications.

push notifications

Design template and reuse it:

System provide facility to design push notification template, preview and reuse the template for future campaigns. Template can have text and media files like images for better conversions.

push notifications

Powerful Analytics to measure campaign effectiveness:

Our Advanced analytics tool provides all the insight of your campaign that can help you measure effectiveness of campaign. It records open, read and click events as well as $ value if customer purchases as result of push notification marketing campaign.

push notifications

Campaign Scheduler for best results:

Analytics help you understand what day, time of the week and what kind of content drives maximum sales. So that you can replicate the campaign with same design and achieve same sales results more often.