Real Estate Management System


Real Estate Management System is ideal way to manage complete Estate or Properties task. It has different user roles like Admin, Agents.


  • Complete real estate management solution
  • Admin, agents and Property Owner user
  • Manage estate and property data
  • Manage document of multiple Agents and users
  • Manage inquiries, property management, plan creators, case management
  • Visitor can fill inquiry form
  • User can fill registration form and admin can activate user
  • Admin can set property list page which display on front end

Property Listing :

  • Admin can add property with new agent
  • Agents directly add property on front end and admin can do publish
  • Admin can add and manage agents details
  • Admin can do setting for display form fields through Fields Management module

Dashboard :

  • Complete estate management solutions
  • Dashboard with key statics Info-Graphics
  • See total no. of Property, Owners, Agents, Inquiries and Task
  • Calendar, Events and Notices all in one screen
  • See payments details Graph on dashboard

General Settings :

  • Manage your system profile
  • Manage to display property listing page
  • Property Approval System is available for admin

List of Modules

Fields Management

  • Add fields through appropriate form
  • Manage all basic fields like name, address, price, city, state etc..
  • Manage advance, optional, media and comliance

User Management

  • Add user
  • manage user details
  • Admin can do activate or delete user


  • Add inquiries
  • View list of inquiries given by visitor and user
  • Manage all inquiries list of user
  • Add task and notes in user inquiry

Payment Module

  • Complete list of Plan fee paid
  • Generate invoice and accept offline payment
  • Part payment is possible

Assign Plan Module

  • Assign plan for agent and property owner
  • Manage Plan for particular user

Plan Creator Module

  • Add/edit plan
  • Manage plan creator

Case Management

  • Add contract
  • Admin can View and manage contractor details
  • Admin can create case for contractor
  • Admin can view and manage cases details

Task Management

  • Admin can assing task for property agents
  • update and add date limit and status of given task
  • Manage task details


  • View report for list of users between two date
  • Property Reports for measure rent and sale
  • Yearly Payment reports
  • Plan report