Rostermanager (Finlay)

Finlays was founded in 1750. As a wholly owned subsidiary of the Swire Group, the company has extensive tea and horticultural interests in Kenya, South Africa, Sri Lanka and China, complemented by global trading, packaging and extraction activities. It’s primary markets are in the UK, USA, Asia and increasingly continental Europe.

  • Fly in fly out?
  • Work regular shifts?
  • Find it hard to balance work/life commitments?
  • Do you know if you are home for Grand Final next year?
  • Does a loved one know if you will be home for their next birthday?
  • Do you know where your FIFO buddies will be next RR?
  • Find it hard to organize events with FIFO family and friends?
  • If you answered yes to any of these question?

Then Roster Manager is a must have free application for you. Stop counting the days on the calendar fridge.
Simply download the application and select your roster and start date. You will now be able to check if you will be on days, nights or RR on any given future date on your simple Roster Manager calendar interface. You can of course update your roster information at anytime.

Once setup is complete, you can start adding all of your FIFO buddies who also have the application to your Roster Manager contacts list. Roster Manager is also great for anyone including partners or friends of FIFO workers. You then can also create customized favorites groups, including family, friends or even your golf buddies.

Once you have your contacts list start creating events! Simply choose any date on the calendar interface select a favorites list and Roster Manager will tell you if they will be on RR for your event! Once you know who will be home for your event simply create an event and Roster Manager will send a free invite (via the Roster Manager messenger system) to everyone you have you have selected.
Roster Manger is perfect for you and your friends and also your partner. Organizing your life on RR has never been easier.

what’s the best thing about Roster Manager??
It is 100% FREE!!