School Management System

School Management System is ideal way to manage complete school operation. The system has different access rights for Admin, Teacher, Student and Parent.


  • Control all school activity online
  • Print report card in PDF
  • Anytime, Anywhere access
  • Admin, Teacher, Parent and Student roles
  • Exam, marks and result management
  • Students and teachers attendance
  • Reports and gauge teacher and student performance

Front End Student Registration :

  • Allow student to registration from front end.
  • Simple shortcode to enable front end registration.
  • Admin approval system for student registration.

List of Module


  • Helps admin get overview of school
  • dashboard with key static Info-Graphic
  • calendar , Reports , Notices all at once

General Settings

  • Admin has full rights in the system
  • Admin create student , teacher and parents
  • Manage complete school operation

Online Fees Payment

  • Accept fees with paypal
  • Send fees Intimation – invoice to parents
  • Generate reports for collection – due

Multiple Language + RTL

  • Support all major languages
  • Easy to edit language file
  • Easy setup your language

Class Route

  • Define class route for students and teachers
  • Student and parent can view class route – timetable
  • Admin reserves rights to add route

Front End Student Dashboard

  • Download course syllabus
  • Download weekly timetable class routine
  • Check exam results

Front End Parent Dashboard

  • View child’s attendance
  • Manage multiple child in same school
  • Check child’s report card

Front End Teacher Dashboard

  • Check student – parent details
  • Take attendance of class
  • Manage marks of students

Student Module

  • Admit student with complete profile
  • Student login access and dashboard
  • Student class routine and payment data
  • Access to results and noticeboard

Parent Module

  • Parents dashboard , calendar and holiday list
  • Manage multiple child under single access
  • Check class routine and notices
  • Access to child results , fees & teachers data

Teacher Module

  • Add subject and syllabus
  • Take class attendance
  • Add and manage student marks
  • Print result in PDF

Class Route

  • Define class route for students and teachers
  • Student and parent can view class route – timetable
  • Admin reserves rights to add route

Subject Module

  • Manage subject and assign teacher
  • Search and pagination features
  • Add syllabus for each subject

Class Module

  • Manage class with easy use interface
  • Add class with student capacity
  • Class name and numeric value

Grade Module

  • Possibility of credits , marks and Grade
  • Relates marks with Grades or credits
  • Comments against each grade appears in Mark-sheet

Manage Marks

  • Add marks against each exam and student
  • Enter marks rapidly for each subject
  • Enter marks student wise

Attendance Module

  • Teacher can take student attendance
  • Possibility of teacher attendance
  • View attendance of past date
  • Possibility of editing attendance for current day

Message Module

  • Admin can send message to all
  • Teacher can send message to all
  • Student and Parent can only view messages
  • Option to delete messages

Notice – Event Module

  • Admin reserves rights to manages notices
  • Create and send notice for intended group
  • Notice appears on dashboard calendar
  • Single day or multiple day Event notice

Transportation Module

  • Admin reserves rights for the module
  • Complete driver and vehicle details
  • Search , sort and filter
  • Student and Parent can only view details

Hall List

  • Search , sort and filter hall list
  • Admin reserves rights for the module
  • Identify hall with name or numeric value
  • Hall capacity and description features

Holiday Module

  • Inform everyone about yearly holiday
  • Date selection for single day holiday
  • Date range option for vacations
  • Single day or multiple day Event notice

Migration Module

  • Move student to next standard easily
  • Upgrade-admit all passed student to next class
  • Define criteria for mass migration

Payment Module

  • Keep track of student fees
  • Payment Logging is possible
  • Offline payment
  • Full or part payment possible

Library Module

  • Manage Book Records in library
  • Issue book to student along with validity
  • Manage book location and collect fines

Popular SMS API

  • Clicatell and Twilio SMS api
  • Simple options to configure api
  • Send SMS from notice – event screen

School Management System Apps

Application for student for School management wordpress plugin .


  • Check your daily school updates on dashboard


  • Treack your presents vis the calender

​Exam Result

  • Display the Result and get pdf file


  • Access menu from any screen of application

Notice List

  • Read notices around you