Vehicle Tracking System

This is the website for the DRC, BRC, CRC, and principal to login and manage the transportation facility for the SSA. Based on the role details will be displayed in the system. If a user with DRC account login he will see all the drivers, schools and report in the system and if principal login he will see only his school, driver and report related to it. In this system, the principal can add, edit driver detail, assign a student to the driver, remove a student from the bus. Also, the user can view different report like over speed, geofence, commission etc.


  • Based on the role details will be displayed in the system
  • Remove a student from the bus drivers
  • Admin easy bus drive track
  • Now click on Details to see individual student attendance.

List of Module


  • Overspeed Vehicle , Geofence and SOS only five records will be displayed.
  • Click on View All to see list of all overspeed vehicle.
  • Click on View All to see list of all Geofence Report.
  • Click on View All to see list of all SOS Report.

Show Reports

  • Click on Report and see Overspeed vehicle list.
  • This will be the listing of emergency contact made by driver to principal

OverSpeed live

  • Click on OverSpeed live.
  • This page will show Overspeed Vehicle of current date.

School Manage

  • Click on School Manage to see school list and you can manage school.
  • Click on Manage to see Student list.
  • Select student
  • Click on Assign Bus to see available driver list.

Bus Manage

  • Click On Bus Manage to see Bus list.
  • Click on Manage Student to see assigned student list .
  • Click on Remove to remove student from driver student list..
  • This page will show pop up message of confirmation to remove this student. If you want to remove the student then click on Ok else click on Cancel .

Driver Manage

  • Click On Driver Manage to see Drive list.
  • Click On ADD Driver to add the driver.
  • Click On Edit Driver to edit the driver.
  • All * fields are compulsory. Fill the form and then click on Save Driver..
  • Click on Delete to delete a driver from driver list.

VehicleTracking System Apps

This application is for the transportation system in SSA. This application is for the driver who provides transportation service to the school. Driver account will be created and managed by the school principal. The application will track driver location when they start the trip from children’s home to school and from school to home. The driver needs to do attendance for each student while pickup and drop. This application will generate various notification like over speed, geofence for the principal by which they can keep eyes on the driver for the safety of children. Driver commission will be given based on the trip done using application.

Click on trip menu to open trip page

  • Click on start trip button to starting trip and student’s attendance page will be
  • Click on end trip button to ending trip
  • Click on end trip button to ending trip

Click on Attendance menu to open Attendance page

  • Click on student name to mark attendance.
  • Student attendance has taken

​Click on Profile menu to open profile view page.

  • Open profile and click on log out icon to open logout dialog box and click on
    yes button to driver logout and click on no button to dialog close

Click on Route Optimization menu to open Route Optimization page.

  • Click on rearrange text to rearrange student.
  • Touch icon and scroll up and down to rearrange student.
  • Click on done to successfully rearrange student.